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From Blank Page to Stage:

Nail Your Topic for a Client Winning Talk in 50 Minutes or Less

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You’re an expert with so much to say, but now you’ve got an upcoming talk, you’re struggling to know exactly what to talk about!

You want a talk that engages the audience and wins you new clients without losing your personality or anyone feeling pitched to. But with so much material, you just don’t know where to start … or finish!

Don’t worry, many experts like you face the same challenge… and that’s where the ‘Blank Page to Stage Guide’ comes in.

In just 50 minutes this breakthrough resource will help you:

  • Identify the ‘big idea’ of your message.

  • Make your message relatable for the audience you’re speaking to.

  • Convey it all in a way that will get the audience inspired and on board with your message.  

  • And it works even if you have tons of material, your subject feels less than exciting, and you have abstract or technical concepts to get across. 

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    "When I read the "expert conundrum" on the first page, I knew I'd found something truly different for elevating my presentations to the next level. Then your "one thing" question opened a treasure trove of ideas for making my audience pay attention, care about what I have to share and take action. Thank you for creating a guide that actually delivers concise and valuable insights." - Jason Van Orden, Business Strategist, www.jasonvanorden.com

    “I found it engaging and easy to get through. I was surprised at how much value I got from it, given that I've been giving talks and doing workshops for about 40 years now." - Deirdre Fay, Author & Psycho Spiritual Educator, https://dfay.com/

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